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Infantry Range

Infantry range is located in the middle of MTA Lest around the area of ​​10 km2. Its length is 5 km and width 2 km. 5 km endangered zone extends into the Armour range. Borders are marked as follows:
- right and left border - red triangle
- main direction of fire - yellow circle.

The Use
Range is designed for small arms fire at the stationary and turning remote controled targets AIRTEC 300. Shooting space is divided into the training area and economic area used by military forest company VLM Pliešovce.

Shooting range consists of the trench and 4 lines at a distance of 50, 100, 150 and 200 m, where can simultaneously shoot 20 troops. At the range are situated 3 kiosks that serve as the issuance of ammunition, warehouse and office for an administrator.
Infantry range includes small shooting range (Val) which allows shooting from small arms without compromising other areas with a total length of 220 m,  width of 20 m.

Unauthorized ammunition is strictly forbidden !
Only ammunition with impact within the free-fire zone is allowed!!!



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TTD-PECHOTNÁ STRELNICA_Infantry Shooting Range [pdf] TTD-PECHOTNÁ STRELNICA_Infantry Shooting Range [pdf] (114.33 kB)

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