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Planning and coordination

Planning and coordinating department implements tasks in the sphere of planning and coordinating processes in the TC Lešť mainly for the Slovak Armed Forces, the Fire Brigades and the Rescue Corps, the Special Forces, foreign armies and special teams.

Planning Conference

The first planning conference for next year usually takes place in the month of June and it deals with training and accommodation at the TC Lešť. Requests concerning those items are issued annually by Defence, Interior, Finance, Justice, Health Ministries and other state bodies.

Coordination briefings

Coordination briefings take place monthly in order to specify requests regarding training and accommodation for the next three months. Responsible authorities discuss:

• Precise terms and timing
• Engagement description
• Head of engagement
• Space for training and accommodation
• Commander of accommodation group
• Number of trainees

Heads of engagement and trainees using the TC Lešť training and lodging facilities are responsible to keep settled plans according to the outcome of the monthly coordination briefing.

Additional planning

Additional planning in regard to unexpected changes during the process of annual and monthly training activities.

Requirements concerning additional planning process have to be issued in advance of:
• 6 days – combat shooting training
• 2 days – training facilities JAKUB
• 2 days – shooting training at the Armour Driving qualification Course or Infantry Range
• 2 days – area of tactical training
• 2 days – lodging facilities

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