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Amphibious Obstacle Range

Amphibious obstacle range is located in the central part of the MTA Lest near the intersection of roads Oremov Laz - Stará Huta and Oremov Laz - Riečky .

The Use
Is used for training units in overcoming water obstacles, performing rescue work on the water surface and for training squba divers. The maximum depth of fords is 2.4 m and 4.3 m.

- overcoming water obstacles by deep water wading,
- overcoming water obstacles by floating,
- training of rescue units,
- training of engineers with motor vehicles with a means of transport,
- training of scuba divers,
- training of helicopter insertion and extraction on water surface using a training device helicopter and parachute simulator Jakub Koloseum.

Training ground consists of a water tank with two lanes, earth dams with a release device, the control tower to control and lighting control device voyages. Part of the water is a training ground fleet allowing lot 60 pcs waist and 10 wheeled equipment.
Near the water surface are two helicopter landing zones.
Training in underwater activities can use wrecks and outlet channel.

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TTD-VODNÉ CVIČISKO_Water Obstacle Range [pdf] TTD-VODNÉ CVIČISKO_Water Obstacle Range [pdf] (108.75 kB)

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