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Camp Štefánik

Štefánik Camp is located in the northeastern part of the MTA Lest at the intersection of roads Senohrad - Stará Huta - Oremov Laz – Brožkov Prameň. Camp Štefánik is part of the Armour range. 

The Use 
Camp Štefánik is a complex of observation and watchtowers built in the space of Armour range and Brožkov Prameň. Primarily is used for pre-deployment training focused on security guards, protection and defense of the camp after its entire perimeter.

- Drill in taking the place in the shelter, activities inside,
- Solutions of tactical situations under various battle scenario,
- Identity check and search of persons and vehicles entering the area of ​​responsibility,
- Shooting from turrets with drill and live ammunition,
- Training in strengthening of guard positions.



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TTD-KEMP ŠTEFÁNIK_Camp Stefanik [pdf] TTD-KEMP ŠTEFÁNIK_Camp Stefanik [pdf] (110.68 kB)

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