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1.1.2005 -1.3.2006


1.4.2005 - 31.1.2008










Military training camp of 10th Infantry Division Oremov Laz

Military Training Area Lest

Lest and Turie Pole villages eviction

Dislocation of troops of the Soviet Army:

    - Tank Regiment

    - Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion

    - Self-reliant Tank battalion

    - Assault Airborne and Reconnaissance Battalion

Departure of the Soviet Army troops

Military Training Area Lest ASR

On order of the Minister of Defence, the Institute of

Special Health Care and Training MoD SR (hereinafter ISHCT Lest)

was established as a branch of the Ministry of Defence

By decision of the Minister of Defence, budgetary

organization ISHCT Lest was established as a center for preparation

and training of special units of executive services of security system

of the Slovak Republic to tackle with terrorism and

organized crime in accordance with government resolution

Based on the order of the Minister of Defence, Canine military training

centre in Hronsek was a part of ISHCT Lest

Based on the order of the Minister of Defence, Regeneration Centre

Trencianske Teplice was a part of ISHCT Lest

By organizational changes of ISHCT Lest as the Armed Forces Training Centre and in

accordance with the resolution of the Government and Regulation of the Minister of

Defence, former military unit 4558 Lest, Garrison building management Lest and Joint

Warfare and Training Centre Lest were incorporated into the structure of ISHCT Lest

ISHCT Lest went through an internal reorganization because of the need for more

efficient training support at the Military Training Area Lest

The name “ISHCT Lest” has been changed into the “Training Centre Lest".





















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