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Combined arms tactical range


It covers approximately 30 km2, its length is 8 km and its width is 4 km. Endangered space covers 11 km and stretches into the Armour qualification range.

On the whole, there are three observation posts as follows: Kamenný Vrch, Dolné Dlhé Diely, Kobola as well as two artillery observation posts as follows: Strážište and Kobola.  The range is electrified up to distance of 5 km.

The Use 

It serves for tactical exercise accompanied by combat fire for combined arms.



The Combined arms tactical range provides these types of field combat training for the Armed Forces:

  • Tactical exercises
  • Tactical and firing exercises for sections, companies and battalions
  • Life fire with the use of individual weapons, weapons mounted on armoured infantry fighting vehicles and heavy armament combat vehicles as well as anti-aircraft weapons or artillery weapons
  • Fire and bombing from helicopters
  • Demolition activities
  • Performance of other types of combat drill
  • Troops training in convoy escorting supported by live fire.

In addition, the Combined arms tactical range provides space for testing of new weapons, ammunition and weaponry systems using fixed and folding targets operated by computers.


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