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MTA Facilities

For training support and its implementation within the MTA Lest there are opportunities to use these following facilities:
- Field Training Facilities
- Special Training Facilities
- Simulation Technologies Facilities
- Lodging Facilities
- Dining Facilities
- Sports and Regeneration Facilities

Times available for training within MTA Lest (without live or simulation ammunition) and training with training ammunition:
- Monday to Sunday from 00.00 - 24.00 hours.
Times possible for training with using live and simulation ammunition:
- from 06.00 - 12.00 hours,
- from 13.00 - 18.00 hours,
- from 20.00 - 04:00 hours.
Live shooting, and use of simulation ammunition is forbidden (Field Training Facilities):

- during daily breaks,
- on Friday from 14:00 pm.
- on Saturday, Sunday and during public holidays.

MTA Traininf Facilities

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